Fway, one professional company of dental rotary instruments, both for dental clinic and laboratory, with10 years experiences in manufacturing and exporting Premium Dental Carbide Burs worldwide.

Fway’s LEOPARD Carbide Burs, certified by CE, FDA, ISO, Free Sale Certificate etc. LEOPARD Carbide Burs, Top Quality, Sharpest Cutting PERFORMANCE.

LEOPARD Carbide Burs, manufactured by Switzerland most advanced 6 axis CNC machines with with FANUC robot system. The whole manufacturing process is automatic, every working procedure, the equipment has Intelligent Detection and Compensated Cutting Program, which ensures each LEOPARD Carbide Burs is perfect.

Most advanced CNC machines, Quality tungsten carbide raw-material, Excellent product design. All of these advantages guarantee LEOPARD Carbide Burs have sharpest Cutting Edge, extremely precision shape and size, highly Concentric,longer life-time.

LEOPARD Carbide Burs have a wide products range: FG Carbide Burs, RA Carbide Burs, Carbide Crown Cutters, Carbide Finishing Burs, Carbide Surgical Burs(Zekrya, Endo-Z etc.), HP Carbide Burs …

Fway have all standard models in stock, so we can respond you and send you order very soon.

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